Update from Community Meeting

On January 31st, 2017 San Benito County officials met with the residents of Lovers Lane and San Felipe Road to answer any questions and address concerns. The following are questions along with their answer that came up during the meeting:

Who should have their water well tested?
Residents whose water systems were completely covered by river floods during the storms. Residents may obtain a list of approved labs to test water through the California Department of Public Health.

What resources will be available if water systems are not up to par?
The San Benito County Office of Emergency Services will offer dumpster and restroom facility resources for residents whose water systems were affected. If affected residents need one of these resources, please contact us.

What the County is going to do about the damaged roads and road ditches?
A private contractor was hired through a bidding process and road repair will begin Tuesday, February 7th. The San Benito County Public Works Department is currently clearing out and creating more ditches.

What the County is going to do about the breached levee? Will they clear the creek?
Work began on Wednesday, February 1st to clear the creek of debris. Repairing of the levee itself has not started yet, only access to the levee so that equipment may safely make it to the areas of repair.

Where residents may obtain donated resources and services?
Residents should contact the San Benito County Office of Emergency Services to request services and resources needed, and the County will try to match needs with available donations.

The SanBenitoRecovers.org website contains both a survey for affected residents and a page to report damages to roads, bridges, culverts, etc. http://sanbenitorecovers.org/report-damage/.

The County of San Benito is working with various partners to return the area of Lovers Lane and San Felipe Road to a state of normality.

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